Andalusia Full Gospel Tabernacle

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As the Church of Jesus Christ, we are living in strategic times where we have the incredible opportunity to make a significant difference. 

Our deepest desire for you personally, as we head into our Heart for the House Offering, is that you and your family will see new roads and miracle provision in your life!

This offering has never been about equal giving, it’s always been marked by equal sacrifice. Our Heart for the House, Miracle Offering has always had a significant impact locally in our Home, nationally in our Backyard and globally in our World.

We are so grateful for every person who has brought a sacrificial offering that has enabled our church to be in the place of strength we are in today.
As we all prayerfully consider the part we will play, let’s believe together for a greater impact and influence of God’s amazing Grace across the globe.

Heart For The House Offering will be December 4th this year in our morning worship service. 

We love and appreciate you

Pastor John & Teresa Hunt